Bicycles4Kids of Madison County

Serving Anderson,Indiana. and Madison County Since 2007

We at Bicycles4Kids are on a mission to bring a smile to the faces of children in Madison County and to spread those smiles through out central Indiana. We are a non-profit organization. We accept donations of old unwanted bicycles and parts that are no longer used and just cluddering up your yard, shed or garage. We restore these used bicycles and give them to families that can't afford to buy a new Bicycle for there children. We also donate bikes to Fund Raisers for medical awareness for children. Also we help single Mom's & Dad's that are struggling. We like to get them riding with there children to enjoy the grate outdoors of Indiana. 

"Let's Go Riding"

Please donate so that we are able to perches new item's for the donated bicycles.
The most damage to all bicycles are the Seat, Hand grip's, Tires, Tubes, the Chain, Pedal's, and Brake pad's